The crown prince and his circle could not stomach that journalist Khashoggi was honest, spoke his mind and could not be bought

David Hearst

Western powers refuse to admit that to have created Israel in 1948 and sustained it ever since was a cardinal error

Ghada Karmi

Saudi Arabia will continue to pay a high price for its total dependence on the US for regime security, including having to put up with Trump's regular reminders of its vulnerability

Madawi Al-Rasheed

South Africa's struggle credentials, 'miracle' transition and human rights centred foreign policy was surely enough to make it a dream mediator to the Palestine-Israel conflict. Not any more

Azad Essa

Despite fiery verbal posturing, in practice, Iran’s reactions to hostile actions by its adversaries have been calculated, cautious and patient

Shahir Shahidsaless

Egypt is a repressive dictatorship with a terrible human rights record - British holidaymakers should steer clear of it this winter

James Brownsell

Planned strike will bring together Palestinians on both sides of the Green Line amid ongoing fragmentation

Awad Abdelfattah

After months of endless media stories about anti-Semitism in the party, when Jews who support Palestinian rights are targeted by a bomb threat during Labour conference, it ought to be big news

Joe Gill

Idlib province's Sinjar had its school shut down by al-Qaeda-linked rebels. Now its children are flooding back to classrooms

Peter Oborne

The US president's rejection of globalism and acceptance of supremacist nationalism could activate global economic fault lines

Taha Ozhan