The US president's strategy is in keeping with longstanding US support for Israel’s settler colonial project and its inherent feature of Palestinian displacement

Noura Erakat

With the government in Tripoli impotent in face of violent clashes for control of the capital, the question of where the internationally mediated political process goes from here has never been more in doubt

Tim Eaton

Being ‘Saudi’ rather than 'Arab' or 'Muslim' is now key to Saudi crown prince's plans to consolidate his power

Madawi Al-Rasheed

By throwing Turkey into Moscow's arms, the US move could pave the way for the final stages of a Syria settlement under Russian tutelage

Dan Glazebrook

Some in the Labour leadership want to adopt a definition of anti-Semitism that would make it a disciplinary offence for members to describe Israel as a ‘racist endeavour’

John Rees

The president's actions also pose a threat to Europe if another wave of refugees heads for its shores

David Hearst

The need for Palestinians to come to the aid of the Labour party leader has never been more pressing

Ghada Karmi

The praise heaped on McCain by the liberal intelligentsia and political elite in the US – and across the world – appears not only misplaced, but also disturbing

Malia Bouattia

The Labour leader is being condemned for doing what other British politicians, including Tony Blair, have done, that is working with Hamas leaders to solve the Middle East conflict

Azzam Tamimi

It is not clear whether Iran will eventually accept the reforms proposed by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), but it must act within fewer than 40 days to avoid being blacklisted

Shahir Shahidsaless