Without transformative political and institutional reform, efforts to co-opt loyalist militias will continue to undermine Syria’s stability

Haid Haid

As Riyadh migrates its oppressive practices to the world of social media, we must learn how to fight back

Sarah Al-Otaibi

Should the crackdown on the country’s Uighur population go unchallenged, such policies could easily be replicated by other countries looking to repress minorities

Azad Essa

Multilateralism is being replaced by bilateralism, open borders are being eroded by fanatical anti-immigration policies, and free trade has been distorted by protectionism

Taha Ozhan

Washington and London continue to arm Saudi Arabia, whose coalition has formed a tacit alliance with AQAP fighters

Mark Curtis

Not only is the role of pro-Israel partisans in the UK now visible, but their ugly assumptions are under closer scrutiny than ever before

Jonathan Cook

While Iran has handed over missile technology to proxies in the region, reports about such deployments in Iraq appear counter intuitive

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

Russia has shown it can conduct a successful military campaign beyond its borders; now, political and humanitarian aspects are coming into play, which will prove more challenging

Alexey Khlebnikov

The US president's strategy is in keeping with longstanding US support for Israel’s settler colonial project and its inherent feature of Palestinian displacement

Noura Erakat

With the government in Tripoli impotent in face of violent clashes for control of the capital, the question of where the internationally mediated political process goes from here has never been more in doubt

Tim Eaton