Longstanding Knesset member Ahmad Tibi urges Labour not to change its definition of anti-Semitism at its meeting on Tuesday

Ahmad Tibi

The special relationship between indigenous Palestinians and their colonised land is resurfacing through the Great Return March movement

Ahmad Moussa

A new country was born on the back of the devastating putsch attempt

Birce Bora

Sooner or later, Trump will discard his Gulf allies too

David Hearst

Russia and the US are reportedly angling to strike a deal at their upcoming summit in Helsinki

Shahir Shahidsaless

Israel preserved a tribal idea of citizenship that followers of Trump and Europe’s far-right now seek to emulate

Jonathan Cook

The traditional bond is weakening between Israel and the new generation of US Jews

Richard Silverstein

Palestinian children see the efforts put into the rescue of the Thai boys and wonder why nobody cares as much about them

Kamel Hawwash

Although the MEK has little verifiable presence inside Iran, authorities fear its organising potential, particularly if the US throws its full weight behind the group

Mahan Abedin

After a day of showy ceremonies to inaugurate Erdogan as Turkey’s first executive president, Turks are watching an unprecedented shakeup in their governmental system

David Barchard