Given the copious amount of evidence regarding both the BDS campaign's objectives and its steady growth, how do some conclude that the movement is a 'failure'?

Ben White

The Lebanese group has seen several benefits for its involvement in Syria, including enhanced military equipment and expanded regional clout

Christopher Phillips

Mike Pompeo's call for an end to fighting has an eye on the mid-terms but is likely to fall on deaf ears among the combatants and will not hasten talks any time soon

Khalil Dewan

The murder has undermined the myth of the caring welfare monarchy as the Saudi regime is now accused of deploying spectacular violence on a global scale

Madawi Al-Rasheed

It was Khashoggi's moderation, credibility and legitimacy that so alarmed illegitimate rulers

David Hearst

It was Jamal Khashoggi’s proximity to the liberal elite as a columnist for Washington Post that turned his disappearance into an unforgivable act that brought it into the corridors of power

Azad Essa

By fostering ties with Israel as Palestinians continue to suffer, Gulf Arab regimes are failing in their humanitarian and religious duties

Ahmed Abu Artema

Awaiting trial in an Israeli prison, Khader Adnan has been refusing food for two months to protest ‘the essence of detention’

Randa Musa

Under pressure from the West, Saudi Arabia is diversifying its partnerships, and Russia stands to benefit

Alexey Khlebnikov

The Syrian people have lost their homeland and identity, reduced to the labels of refugees, immigrants, terrorists, civilians, victims and opposition fighters

Taha Ozhan