Speculation is mounting that Riyadh will endorse Trump's 'deal of the century,' leaving Palestinians out in the cold

Belen Fernandez

Macron's relentless war on the poor, trade unions, migrants, Muslims and the welfare state have shown the real face of the banker-turned-president

Malia Bouattia

CNN's firing of Marc Lamont Hill and outrage at Airbnb and the Quakers reveal a complete intolerance of criticism

Jonathan Cook

Modern alliances and conflicts in Middle East seem paradoxical through the lens of Huntington’s influential treatise, rational as realpolitik

Peter Oborne

With the next election around the corner, the Israeli prime minister is manufacturing a conflict with Hezbollah to distract from his other failures

CJ Werleman

The reality of British military and intelligence support for Israel, and how this facilitates Israeli aggression, is being ignored in the British media

Mark Curtis

As the country considers amendments to its cybercrime law, King Abdullah II has personally vowed to combat ‘rumours and misinformation’

Ines Osman

Both countries are in peril due to a mix of foreign meddling, internal contradictions and their governments’ blind policies

Marco Carnelos

Israel has been pursuing a more proactive foreign policy in the Balkans, in part aiming to weaken the EU’s stance on the Palestinian issue

Vuk Vuksanovic

The UAE has been engaged in similarly murderous and reckless behaviour as the Saudis, albeit with far more effective PR

Usaama al-Azami