A number of factors, including a Palestinian economy dependent on Israel, keep Likud and the right in charge

Danny Rubinstein

American thinking bends toward an attempt to remake the world in its own image. This fatal exceptionalism leads writers like David Ignatius into misreading events in the Arab world

Marco Carnelos

Another tripartite aggression based on pretexts and plotting appears imminent, this time involving the US, UK and France

Peter Ford

Internal divide among Kurdish parties will hamper their position in negotiations with Baghdad

Mohammad S. Mustafa

Both before and after last year's genocide, British diplomats refused to push for robust action against the Myanmar government

Peter Oborne
Emanuel Stoakes

Hamas is negotiating with Israel, through Egyptian brokerage, for a truce aimed at ending violence and easing the Gaza blockade. The only party that seems vehemently opposed to any deal is the Palestinian Authority

Azzam Tamimi

The Saudi crown prince's grand designs are disappearing in the desert and with them the ambitious reform claims

David Hearst

Putting pressure on the regime may not ensure immediate justice for the Rohingya, but it would help prevent further atrocities

Kyaw Win

The Indo-Israeli gas deal is an ideological investment that connects India ever closer with the rightwing ideologies of Israel and Trumpism

Maren Mantovani

There are four goals the Palestinian Authority can pursue to ensure dignity, self-determination and local ownership in the delivery of aid

Alaa Tartir