The Palestinian-American student's week-long detention at Ben Gurion Airport triggered a global discussion around the politics of studying in a country that openly engages in racial profiling and ideological exclusion

Nada Elia

When discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the language of 'moderate majorities on both sides' wanting peace ignores the asymmetrical power relations on the ground

Ben White

Instead of winning over the hearts and minds of Egyptian football fans, Turki al-Sheikh repeatedly angered them with his controversial comments

Mostafa Mohamed

Saudi crown prince turned from a US opportunity into a Western liability

Taha Ozhan

Iraqi women are playing an important sociopolitical role in the country, and reformers in Iraq must capitalise on their work

Lina Khatib

All that the US president cares about is making deals and that does not include human rights or democracy

Richard Silverstein

A country that harbours a giant, undeclared nuclear arsenal and has for decades engaged in all manner of conventional brutality is in no position to be lecturing Lebanon

Belen Fernandez

The new Iraqi president is a sophisticated and experienced personality who knows Iraq's complexities and shortcomings all too well

Marco Carnelos

If the Saudi regime has murdered Khashoggi, Mohammed bin Salman will be confirmed as the head of a rogue state deploying murderous strategies outside its borders

Madawi Al-Rasheed

The journalist thought that, wherever he was, it was his duty to speak out and call for reform in Saudi Arabia. He paid with his life

David Hearst