Lacking vision and a clear strategy to achieve national unity, Palestinians have not provided what is needed to thwart the US plan

Hani al-Masri

Dehumanising Palestinians used to be easier but decades of deep-rooted, civil society activism by Palestinian Americans and their allies is bearing fruit

Ben White

Turkey’s strategy to turn an international spotlight on the case has been working, but by now, Ankara has exhausted most of its cards

Osman Sert

Saudi women need a political solution that guarantees their safely rather than simply a state that allows them to attend football matches, circuses and cinemas

Madawi al-Rasheed

JT Rogers' script hinges on the viewpoint of Northern European outsiders and is infected with covert racism against Palestinians

Nada Elia

Most Western commentators still refuse to recognise Palestinians in Israel as subjugated by the same colonialist regime that oppresses people in the West Bank and Gaza

Awad Abdelfattah

It is time for Libya’s factions to return to their own negotiations and reject the destructive interference of foreign powers

Dan Glazebrook

Farmers represent resistance but they are being crushed by Israeli colonialism and the PA's neoliberalism

Alaa Tartir

The zombie manoeuvres of the past 20 or more years with continued advocacy of long-moribund two-state negotiations must end: the only question is what kind of one state will emerge - secular or apartheid

Richard Falk

Institutionalised Islamophobia has contributed to hate crimes, discrimination and the exclusion of Muslims from political spaces

Arzu Merali