Israel has been pursuing a more proactive foreign policy in the Balkans, in part aiming to weaken the EU’s stance on the Palestinian issue

Vuk Vuksanovic

The UAE has been engaged in similarly murderous and reckless behaviour as the Saudis, albeit with far more effective PR

Usaama al-Azami

The Saudi elite uses the veil of religious piety for its own political ends, but the Khashoggi killing has underscored the regime’s complete disconnect from the followers of a great religion

Yehia Hamed

Giulio Regeni's mother will continue to await justice and with her the many Egyptian mothers whose sons haven’t made it back home

Barbara Bibbo

Justice and peace can only be achieved in the context of a single democratic state that would include, and benefit equally, all residents and repatriated refugees

Haidar Eid

The US has approached Syria as an opportunity to expand and deepen its military presence in the region

Samer Abboud

Moscow's use of its Orthodox Church to win hearts and minds is meant to appeal to Syria's Christian minority at a time when Iran's influence in the country has grown

Lina Khatib

From the war in Yemen to the killing of journalists, each heinous crime must be denounced on its own terms

Nada Elia

At the upcoming Riyadh gathering there will be more that divides the Gulf Cooperation Council than unites it

Andreas Krieg

Main opposition parties have failed to distinguish themselves in substantial policy terms from the Israeli prime minister, especially when it comes to Palestinians

Ben White