Contrary to popular belief, the definition of anti-Semitism adopted by the UK Labour Party does allow legitimate criticism of Israel

Tom Dale

The Oslo Accords used the classic strategy of divide and conquer, with the goal of leaving Palestinians within Israel behind

Abir Kopty

Washington’s ‘deal of the century’ is part of a broader US-Israeli plan to erase the Palestinian cause, but when it fails, only one viable solution will remain

Richard Silverstein

The closure of the Palestinian delegation in Washington coincides with the anniversary of the Oslo Accords - but Netanyahu's reaction has been low-key

Meron Rapoport

Omar al-Bashir's dismissal of the government of Sudan is a classic move by the long serving president to deal with the economic crisis and prepare for his re-election

Salah Shuaib

On anniversary of 9/11 attacks, US threatens to prosecute anyone who aids the ICC in its investigation of US war crimes in Afghanistan

Moazzam Begg

Israel's continued ethnic cleansing of Palestinians does not show the failure of the process started by the Oslo Accords a quarter-century ago, but rather the intended consequences of the agreement

Jamal Juma

The state has proved its weakness through grotesque and brutal actions meant to display its strength

Bill Law

While the state mounts an aggressive PR campaign promoting religious freedom led by Prince Nasser, Bahrain is in the throes of a seven-year crackdown on political and religious rights

Husain Abdulla

Hala Alyan's debut novel is an insightful exploration of the challenges facing four generations of a Palestinian family

Hatim Kanaaneh