Ghazal Othman recalls huddling in a corridor with her family, listening to the names of Gaza’s martyrs on the radio - and wondering whether she would die next

Ghazal Othman

Iraq has achieved some measure of stability in the first year after the defeat of IS, but political and security problems persist

Ibrahim Al-Marashi

If you've ever experienced a World Cup in Lebanon, you're likely to have assumed the Lebanese won the whole darn thing

Belen Fernandez

Syrian counterinsurgency, led by the Russians and Assad, succeeded where the Americans failed

Kamal Alam

Israel’s opposition leader correctly assumed the media would whitewash his racist remarks

David Sheen

The backing inside the Tory party for the MEK, once on the US's terrorist list, is a sign of a party that has taken leave of its senses

Peter Oborne

ACLU has been granted Freedom of Information Act request after CIA attempted to obscure details of botched Yemen raid

Hannah Porter

View that Palestinians are uniquely undeserving of human rights reflects an exceptionalism shamelessly packaged as ‘pro-peace’

Ben White

Haftar has unleashed a range of forces that are beyond any single man to contain

Jason Pack

Syrian-Turkish voters said their new citizenship rights came with an important responsibility: to vote in last month’s election

Zeynep Coşkun Koç
Fatih Semsettin Isik
Rawan Hamoud