King Mohammed VI knew that his offer to establish new relations would be rejected by Algiers, but it was all about Western optics

Abed Charef

Trump's statement on the Khashoggi murder shows that when US values, such as defending human rights and the rule of law, collide with American interests, he opts for the latter

Marco Carnelos

As residents of the village prepare for demolition, one man reflects on Israel’s attempt to destroy the possibility of a Palestinian state

Eid Khamis

Netanyahu’s would-be successors are out to prove their security credentials, seeing who can outrival whom in the ferocity of their hatred for Hamas

Richard Silverstein

The lack of a unified, representative Palestinian leadership, pursuing a path of strategic resistance to Israeli occupation, is part of what makes such increasingly public steps toward normalisation possible

Ben White

Key regional actors suddenly realise the need to become a counter weight to growing Iranian and Turkish control over affairs in the Levant

Kamal Alam

From decimated fish and wildlife stocks in the Red Sea to declining water resources in Iraq, myriad environmental issues plague the region

Kieran Cooke

Decisions taken in London and Paris during and immediately after the global conflict are continuing to have momentous consequences in the Middle East region

Mark Curtis

The meeting was an attempt to forge an alliance of convenience and consolidate power

Khalil Dewan

Iranian leaders have been eagerly watching Saudi Arabia grapple with the fallout from the journalist's murder. However, any attempt to profit from the situation would be foolish and counterproductive

Marco Carnelos