A new foreign policy which lessens the UK's dependence on the Gulf's rich menu of autocrats, ideologues and hegemons is sorely needed

David Hearst

It is to be hoped that the pressure of academics, writers and the UK government will not simply dissipate in the wake of the pardon and release of Matthew Hedges

Bill Law

Claims from American politicians and officials that migrants threw rocks and used children as human shields sound awfully familiar

Oscar Rickett

In his steadfast support for MBS, Trump is following a long tradition of US support for Arab autocrats, which in turn is used as the reason for violent terrorist organisations to target the US

Madawi Al-Rasheed

It is difficult to imagine obtaining justice for prisoners when the very foundation of Israel violates international humanitarian law

Ahmed Abu Artema

The western justification for backing Saddam Hussein is now being employed to rationalise propping up the Saudi crown prince

Sayed Mahdi Modarresi

An international coalition willing to pool diplomatic, commercial, political and military resources is the only meaningful way forward

CJ Werleman

To watch The Judge is to see Palestine as a normal, free society where women are battling for equality and representation in a society layered in generations of patriarchy

Azad Essa

In new book, Ben White argues that the half-century search for a two-state solution has provided an alibi for Israel’s de facto annexation of the West Bank

Peter Oborne

Many have forgotten the real experience of freedom, having lived for decades under illegitimate dictators and despots

Ajmal Masroor