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Palestinian dies of wounds from West Bank clashes with Israeli settlers, army

Palestinian man is second person to die from Israeli gunfire during 28 October incident
Palestinian protester throws tear gas canister back towards Israeli soldiers during recent demonstration against Israeli land seizures for Jewish settlements in West Bank (AFP/file photo)

A Palestinian man shot in clashes with Israeli forces in October has died of his wounds, the health ministry in the occupied West Bank said on Saturday.

Mohammed Shreyteh, 28, was shot in the head during the clashes on 26 October in the West Bank, AFP reported.

At the time, witnesses said violence erupted when Israeli settlers visited a site near the village of Al-Mazraa al-Gharbiya and Palestinians began to protest against illegal Israeli settlement activities.

Israeli forces then intervened and fired tear gas and live ammunition at the Palestinians, according to the witnesses.

The Israeli army accused Palestinians of instigating a "riot" during which they allegedly "set off fireworks and hurled rocks" at troops and police.

The military responded with "riot dispersal means and fired in accordance with standard operation procedures," it said.

During the clashes, another Palestinian, Othman Ladawda, 33, was killed, the health ministry in the West Bank said at the time.

He was hit with live ammunition, with a bullet piercing organs in his lower abdomen, the ministry said. Ladawda was the father of four children, the Maan website reported.

28 shot in West Bank clash with Israeli troops: Palestinian ministry

The health ministry said Israeli forces fired live ammunition, rubber-coated steel bullets, sound bombs and tear-gas bombs towards the Palestinian protesters, leading to the death of Ladawda, eight wounded including Shreyteh and dozens suffering from tear-gas inhalation, Maan reported.

The West Bank, which has been illegally occupied by Israeli forces since the Six-Day war of 1967, has seen a rise in tensions in recent months.

Last month, a Palestinian mother-of-seven died of wounds sustained during a stone-throwing attack by Israeli settlers near Nablus.