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Twitter loses it after French police order woman to remove 'burkini'

One point seemed to dominate them all: A woman's right and freedom to choose

The French ban on the burkini has taken yet another turn as armed police officers, holding batons and pepper spray, ordered a Muslim woman to strip off on a busy beach in Cannes. 

The images went viral on social media late on Tuesday and the hashtags #BurkiniBan and #WTFFRANCE started trending worldwide, with many people expressing shock and outrage.

Is this laicite?

Shock at armed patrols

Some people delved into history to make a point

But women’s freedom to choose dominated debate

With scepticism about the measure's ability to improve security rife

People also linked the ban to restrictions on women’s freedom in the Middle East

LBC’s James O’Brien pulled no punches


Wetsuits must go! 

UK politicians got stuck into the debate too

And a few users chirped in with some irony

Then there was Nigella...
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