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Tweet names of Qatar sympathisers to 'blacklist': Saudi royal aide

Saudi royal adviser launches Twitter blacklist to keep tabs on Qatar sympathisers
A man writes on a mural in support of Qatar's emir, Tamim, in Doha (Reuters)

An adviser to Saudi Arabia's royal court has asked social media users to tweet the names of anyone who has been supportive of Qatar, under the hashtag, #TheBlacklist.

Saud al-Qahtani said that anyone whose name was suggested to be included on the blacklist would be followed, "from now". 

Translation: Saudi Arabia and its allies, when they say they will do something they do it. And that is a promise. Put any names you think should be added to #TheBlacklist on the hashtag. And it will be sorted. And they will be followed from now.

After launching the hashtag, Qahtani assured his followers that "every name" would be looked into.

Translation: The official hashtag #TheBlacklist. Every name on it will be looked into, as well as those names monitored by states.

The latest Gulf crisis, which erupted in early June, pits three Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states - Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain - along with Egypt, against Qatar.

Qatar has been accused of supporting terrorism, which the nation vehemently denies, and has also been criticised for its alleged support for Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood. 

Qahtani also tweeted that anyone who "conspires" against the Saudi-led quartet, all of which have cut diplomatic ties with Qatar, would be unable to escape trial.

Translation: #TheBlacklist : No one who has conspired against the boycotting countries will escape trial, even if they say they were forced. And no one with a fake name will escape, from now.

Qahtani's tweets quickly gained support from the foreign minister of Bahrain, Khalid bin Ahmed, and the UAE's state minister for foreign affairs, Anwar Gargash.

Translation: Brother Saud al-Qahtani is an important voice in the Qatar crisis, and following him is imperative, and the sell-outs try but will not succeed in attacking him, and his tweet about the 'blacklist' is extremely important.

Gargash added that the blacklist tweets "open the eyes to those who were tempted by money and sold out their countries".

Translation: Every terrorist, and every terrorist supporter, and every mercenary and spy, their place is #TheBlacklist. A bad list, for bad decisions.

Twitter users, however, didn’t all warm to the idea, with many mocking the suggestion for such a hashtag.

Translation: #TheBlacklist movie. Protagonists: Saud al-Qahtani, Reem Abdullah. Father played by Dhahi Khalfan. Mother played by Hamad al-Mazroi. Honoured guest: Gargash. Produced by Rashid.

While others suggesting putting Qahtani himself on the list.

Translation: #TheBlacklist .. Saud al-Qahtani and his crew.

And others said they would be honoured to be on such a list, and wanted to be added to what they said looked like "good company".

Translation: #TheBlacklist. Enough, add me to it. Looks like great company.

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