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Video: Saleh supporters call on US ambassador and UN envoy to leave Yemen

Tens of thousands called for the US ambassador and UN envoy to leave Yemen as sanctions loom against former president Saleh
Supporters of ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh protested in the capital city Sana'a (MEE/Yousef Mawry)
Thousands of protesters loyal to Yemen's former ruler Ali Abdullah Saleh filled Tahrir Square after Friday prayers in Yemen's capital city Sana'a to call on the US Ambassador and the UN envoy to Yemen to leave their country.
They were angered by reports that the UN and US were suggesting sanctions against Ali Saleh and a number of Houthi leaders. Supporters of Saleh’s People’s General Congress Party (GPC) also rejected the proposed sanctions. 
The US has denied giving Saleh a Friday deadline to leave the country or face sanctions but anger remains, with protesters warned that any sanctions against Saleh or Houthi leaders will further fuel unrest and will ultimately pose a grave threat to US interests in Yemen.
Saleh loyalists have also threatened to intensify their protests nationwide if sanctions against their leader are imposed.
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