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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Gaza health ministry calls border crossing closure 'a new genocide'

Gaza's health ministry said in a new press release that Israel's closing of the enclave's border crossings constituted "a new genocide" as it prevented travel for wounded and sick people and blocked the entry of "aid, medicine, medical supplies, food, trucks, and the fuel needed to operate hospitals".

"Every hour, we lose some of the wounded from previous inspections who were waiting to travel to neighbouring countries, but [Israel]'s control of the crossing and its closure prevented the travel of these wounded," the statement read.

The ministry added that the Rafah Governorate's only dialysis center stopped operating due to Israeli bombings and threats.

The minsitry launched an "urgent and humanitarian appeal" to pressure and take action in order to open the crossings, provide treatment to those in need and allow necessary aid in.

"The wounded and sick will suffer a slow death because there is no treatment [or] supplies and there is no possibility for them to travel," the statement read.