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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Gaza medic: 'One child arrived dead with food still in his mouth'

A health worker at Awda Hospital in Nuseirat has described to Middle East Eye what he saw as medics brought in dead and wounded from Israel's attacks on Saturday:

"Bombs were falling down on us and helicopters were hovering over the hospital ...we couldn't move between the hospital's buildings. There were quadcopter drones firing at us from above. People were strewn all over the streets outside the hospital, and we couldn't step out to rescue them," said Mosad Munir.

"Our ambulances could not leave the hospital for nearly 30 minutes. After that, we couldn't bring those killed and wounded into the hospital due to the large number of patients inside. We had to leave some of those killed outside the hospital. Many of the injuries were serious, including amputated limbs.

"Most of those killed and wounded were children. I saw one child who arrived dead with food still in his mouth. He was killed while he was eating. Can you imagine? There were many young girls.

"While moving between hospitals and the scene of the attack, I saw a lot of people on the streets, some wounded and others killed. Some bodies were charred. And there was a lot of destruction left by the Israeli bombing."