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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Hamas condemns US complicity in Israeli operation in central Gaza

Hamas published a statement late on Saturday afternoon following Israel's attack on central Gaza, calling it a "horrific massacre against innocent civilians". 

It said that the announcement of the "release of a number of its prisoners" in Gaza, referring to rescued Israeli captives, would not change Israel's "strategic failure in the Gaza Strip" after eight months of "massacres, genocide, siege and starvation". 

"Our valiant resistance still maintains the largest number in its possession, and is capable of increasing its yield of prisoners," the statement said. 

It also condemned US complicity in Saturday's military operation. 

It said: "What was revealed by American and Hebrew media about American participation in the criminal operation that was carried out today proves once again the complicit role of the American administration, its full participation in the war crimes committed in the Gaza Strip, [and] the falsity of its declared positions on the humanitarian situation and its concern for the lives of civilians."