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Mandela's grandson criticises UK Labour's David Lammy, calls pro-Palestine protesters 'heroes'

Nkosi Zwelivelile Mandela, the grandson of South African freedom fighter and anti-apartheid figurehead Nelson Mandela, dedicated the 30th anniversary of the inauguration of his grandfather's presidency to pro-Palestine protesters in US university campuses.

"I dedicate the memory of this day to the students protesting on USA University campuses calling for an immediate ceasefire of the genocide of Gaza and supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom," he said in a statement.

Zwelivelile Mandela called on students across the globe to emulate the US campus protests.

He also criticised the UK's Shadow Foreign Secretary, the Labour party's David Lammy, for suggesting Nelson Mandela, would not have backed the protests.

"Contrary to what David Lammy, the Labour MP in the UK would like us to believe, [Nelson Mandela] acknowledged the heroes in the Civil Rights Movement in the USA and campuses all over the world who regularly protested for our freedom," Zwelivelile Mandela said, adding that his grandfather supported armed struggle in the face of "increasing state brutality" against peaceful anti-apartheid protesters.

Nelson Mandela was also committed to "the Palestinian struggle", his grandson said.

He also called on Lammy to "stop being an apologist for genocide and instead encourage all students on UK and European university campuses to emulate their fellow students in the USA in their call for a ceasefire in Gaza and support the struggle of the Palestinian people for freedom."

Zwelivelile Mandela his statement by once again saluting the student protesters: "You are our heroes, we salute you."