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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Unrwa: no aid convoys passing through newly opened crossing

An Unrwa spokesperson has said that there have been no reports so far of aid convoys reaching Gaza through the Erez crossing, which Israel agreed to open.

Tamara Alrifai told Al Jazeera that the crossing is not "one of these big logistical hubs that would allow a huge influx or flow of trucks and humanitarian assistance," noting that previously it had been primarily used for transporting humanitarian personnel and cases coming in and out of Gaza.

"But at this stage, any additional land crossing into Gaza that allows to relieve people through bringing in aid is welcome – provided it’s truly open," Alrifai said.

She also said in response to Israel's promise that 350 aid trucks will enter Gaza daily, that “considering that not all of them would be food trucks – because we’re going to have work out a combination of food, blankets, medicine, fuel water – 350 remains way below the required minimum 500 which used to be the number before the war, even before the acute needs that we are witnessing now."