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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Kamel Hawwash resigns from Labour Party over 'blind support for Israel'

MEE columnist and University of Birmingham professor Kamel Hawwash has resigned from the Labour Party in protest of its stance on Israel's bombardment of the Gaza Strip.

"I am resigning from the Labour Party with effect from the 21st of October but still hope you will end your blind support for Israel, value Palestinian lives as much as other lives and work for a just peace. Stand on the right side of history," Hawwash wrote in a blog post.

The professor lauded the eight Labour Counsellors that have resigned in recent weeks, including six that pulled out of the party on Saturday over the Labour leadership's "refusal to condemn collective punishment of Palestinians".

"I salute the Labour Counsellors for saying enough is enough and resigning and I hope that more will reflect and come to the same conclusion that Palestinian lives are no less valuable than other lives and that the party's line on Palestine under your leadership is shameful and wrong," Hawwash said.