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Live blog update| Israel's war on Gaza

Ministry of Health: 'Israel must stop threatening to target hospitals'

Ashraf al-Qudra, a spokesperson for the Palestinian Ministry of Health, says that Israel has increased its threats to target and bomb hospitals in the besieged Gaza Strip, and that the international community must stop this before "more massacres are carried out".

Speaking to Al Jazeera Arabic in a live interview, Qudra said: "Palestinian hospitals keep getting threats from Israel to evacuate which violates Geneva conventions. We need oxygen tanks in hospitals and plenty of equipment yet these threats pose a real danger. If what happened at the al-Ahli Arab Hospital happens again, it will be a real catastrophe."

"Israel keeps carrying out massacres which are beyond comprehension… The international community needs to hold Israel accountable for the threats targeted at hospitals. Medical staff should be able to carry out their duties without threats, as should ambulances trying to get around," he added.

According to Qudra, al-Quds Hospital in Gaza has received multiple bomb threats and forced evacuation threats in recent days. 

"The hospital has over 400 people in it at the moment, with many of them in intensive care. The hospital is integral in saving the remaining lives in Gaza. If it is bombed it will create even more deaths and casualties than we saw in the bombing of al-Ahli Hospital," he added.