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LIVE: Aleppo evacuations

LIVE: Aleppo evacuations
MEE reports on the latest updates from the evacuation taking place of civilians and rebels out of east Aleppo
  • Turkish NGO confirms 3,000 evacuated from eastern Aleppo 
  • Emergency Security Council meeting to negotiate UN observers in Aleppo 
  • Thousands await evacuation in freezing temperatures 
  • Civilian and rebels being moved to Idlib and west Aleppo countryside 
  • Medics in Idlib tell MEE ready to help but heavily under-equipped

Live Updates

Convoy arriving to take out civilians from pro-government villages
3 years ago

Hundreds are being evacuated from the pro-government villages of Kafraya and Fouah near Idlib after being besieged by rebels for months. 

Buses bound for the villages were set alight yesterday by rebel groups which led to the second round of evacuations from eastern Aleppo being halted by the Syrian government. 

VIDEO: Thousands waiting to be evacuated in eastern Aleppo
3 years ago

Local Syrian media outlet Step News agency posted a video of Syrians awaiting evacuation from eastern Aleppo.  

The video shows the thousands left waiting behind a line of representatives from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. 

NGO: 3,000 people evacuated with 51 buses
3 years ago

Turkish NGO IHH reporting that 3,000 people have been evacuated from Aleppo with 51 buses. 

AFP: 5,000 en route to rebel held area
3 years ago

5,000 people are travelling in 75 buses out of Aleppo said Ingy Sedky, spokeswoman for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Families had spent hours waiting in below-freezing temperatures, sheltering from the rain in bombed-out apartment blocks and waiting desperately for news on a new wave of departures. 

More to follow...

UN Security Council adopts motion to deploy monitors
3 years ago

The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a motion to deploy monitors to oversee the evacuation of residents from eastern Aleppo. 

Moscow agreed to vote for the motion after previously threatening to veto the emergency resolution following intense negotiations between Russia and France. 

United Nation observers will now be deployed to parts of eastern Aleppo to oversee and monitor the last remaining evacautions. 

More to follow...

Past UN resolutions vetoed by Russia
3 years ago

MEE's graphics team have produced a brief timeline of UN resolutions vetoed by Russia and China since 2011. 

Timeline of UN resolutions vetoed by Russia (MEE)