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LIVE: Donald Trump in Israel

LIVE: Donald Trump in Israel
The US president is now in Israel after two days in Saudi Arabia. MEE reports on the latest
  • Donald Trump is on his first visit to the Middle East as US president
  • On Monday he met the Israeli president, Reuven Rivlin, visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem and held talks with Israel's prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu
  • On Tuesday Trump will visit the occupied West Bank for talks with the Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas

Live Updates

What Salman made of Trump's Saudi visit
2 years ago

Back in Saudi Arabia, King Salman has described Trump's weekend visit as a "turning point" in relations between the two countries, according to state news agency SPA.

Speaking to his council of ministers, Salman also praised the "historic agreement" between Gulf monarchies and Washington "to take firm measures to target the financing of terrorism" and the setting up of a Riyadh-based centre for this task, SPA said.

The hub will be known as the Global Center for Combating Extremist Ideology - or "Etital", the Arabic for “moderation”.

Rouhani says hopeful Europe won't follow Trump's lead on Iran
2 years ago

Iran welcomes cooperation at all levels to bring stability to the Middle East, President Hassan Rouhani told his French counterpart on Monday, hours after US President Donald Trump lambasted Tehran again as he tours the region.

In a telephone call, Rouhani told France's new president Emmanuel Macron he was hopeful that Europe would not copy Trump's stance against the Islamic Republic.

"The Islamic Republic is ready for cooperation in all levels with other countries, including France, to fight against terrorism and to resolve the Syrian crisis," Rouhani was quoted saying to Macron by Iran's state news agency IRNA.

The French leader had called to congratulate him on being re-elected in Friday’s presidential vote.

"We should bring peace and stability back to the region. We hope Europe does not fall into the trap of countries that promote their wrong interpretations of the region," Rouhani was also quoted as saying.

Trump says he never mentioned Israel in meeting with Russians
2 years ago

President Trump said Monday that he never mentioned Israel during an Oval Office meeting when he disclosed highly classified intelligence to Russian diplomats. The origin of the intelligence has never been identified.

"I never mentioned the word or the name Israel. Never mentioned during that conversation," Trump said in Jerusalem during a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu said during the meeting with Trump that “intelligence cooperation is terrific” with the United States.

“It's never been better," he added.

Where Trump goes next
2 years ago

Tomorrow Donald Trump heads to the occupied West Bank for those talks with Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas. Here's how that fits in the rest of his schedule:

Trump: Rare opportunity for peace before us
2 years ago

Speaking of the atrocitities of the last century, Trump said the time for peace was now.

"We must work together to build a future where the nations of the region are at peace and all of our children can grow, grow up strong and free from terrorism and violence.

"During my travels in recent days, I have found new reasons for hope," Trump said. 

"Yesterday I met with King Salman and the leaders from across the Muslim and Arab world, and ... we reached historic agreements to pursue greater and greater cooperation to fight against terrorism."

"We can only get there working together, there is no other way," he added, describing it is a "rare opportunity" for peace. 

The US president ended his short speech by declaring, to the sound of applause, "We love Israel, we respect Israel, and I send your people the warmest greetings from your closest ally."

'Day of Rage' called for Tuesday, when Trump and Abbas meet
2 years ago

A “Day of Rage” has been called for across Palestine on Tuesday, when Trump and Abbas are expected to meet in Bethlehem.

Monday saw a general strike across the occupied West Bank in solidarity with the some 1,300 Palestinians on hunger strike in Israeli jails since April 17.

The media committee for the Freedom and Dignity hunger strike has also called for Tuesday’s “Day of Rage,” local media has reported.