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Live: Protests continue in Sudan after Bashir toppled in 'coup'

Live: Protests continue in Sudan after Bashir toppled in 'coup'
Sudanese president arrested, army to take power for two-year "transitional period"
Key Points
Joy over Bashir's exit becomes anger at 'military coup', state of emergency
Sudanese president Omar al-Bashir has been arrested
Defence Minister Awad Ahmad Ibn Auf sworn in to lead 'transition'

Live Updates

Protesters remain on the streets in Khartoum
1 year ago

Protesters have remained on the streets of Khartoum in defiance of a curfew imposed after Sudan's long-term leader Omar al-Bashir was overthrown in a military coup on Thursday. The AFP news agency has some photos of Friday's protests.

Khartoum protests
A man wears a vest with the word "Revolutionaries" written on it (AFP)
Khartoum protests
Protesters gather on a bridge outside the army headquarters in Khartoum (AFP)
Sudanese newspapers switch sides
1 year ago

Sudanese intelligence have been censoring newspapers since the beginning of the protests in December but appear to have now allowed them more freedom, leading to a big change in coverage. 

"Fallen" read the top of al-Intibaha newspaper, a reference to the popular protest chant for Bashir's government to "Just Fall."

Until Bashir's exit, the intelligence service had been confiscating newspapers and arrested a dozen journalists last weekend, according to Reporters Without Borders. 

The Sudanese Journalists Network called  for a meeting of journalists on Friday to discuss future coverage of the protest movement and transition. 

Military council appeals to protesters
1 year ago

'The revolution continues': Sudanese protest military takeover
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As protesters gather on Friday to demand the army step aside, the military council appealed to the population by insisting they were on the side of the protesters and "not greedy for power".

Omar Zeinalabdin, head of the council's political committee, tried to reassure protesters that the two-year "transitional period" proposed by the army could be as short as one month if it goes "without chaos". 

He also argued against suggestions the military council was close to Bashir, saying they supported the people and were not part of Omar al-Bashir's National Congress Party. 

Zeinalabdin said the council would begin talks with protesters on Friday.

Bashir will not be extradited
1 year ago

Sudan's ousted President Omar al-Bashir will not be extradited to face the International Criminal Court.

"It would be a dark spot on our history if we extradite him," the newly-formed military council's political committee head Omar Zeinalabdin said.

Bashir is accused of war crimes for his government's attacks on civilians in Darfur, where up to 400,000 are estimated to have been killed. The ICC issued a warrant for his arrest in 2009. 

Zeinalabdin said Bashir may be put on trial in Sudan. 

Members of the military council, including its head Awad Ahmad ibn Auf, are also accused of war crimes in Darfur. 

Sudan's President Omar al-Bashir is ousted in a military coup
1 year ago
State TV footage shows Ibn Auf and deputy in military garb at swearing in
1 year ago

Sudanese State TV released footage of the swearing in of Defence Minister Awad Ahmad Ibn Auf as head of the Military Transitional Council and his deputy Kamal Abdul-Marouf Al-Mah.

Both were dressed in a military outfit. A third unidentified person in non-military garb was also present.

Ibn Auf will lead Sudan for a two-year transitional period.

Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf and his deputy are sworn in to lead Military Transitional Council (screengrab)
Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf and his deputy are sworn in to lead Military Transitional Council (screengrab)