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Egyptians kick back to enjoy 'leaning tower of Alex'

Alexandrians look on as ramshackle 13-storey block of flats crunches into adjacent building
The happy people of Alexandria gather to watch (screengrab)

There goes the neighbourhood.

The Azarita area of Egypt's Alexandria has a new attraction: on Wednesday, a 13-storey block of flats toppled into an adjacent building, bringing scores of residents out to watch the drama unfold.

Social media users shared an image of the spectacle, with locals seemingly relaxed about the collapse of the "Leaning tower of Alex".

Authorities evacuated residents after the big fall, and as of Monday the impromptu lean-to was still, well, leaning.

Translation: The leaning tower of Pisa V the leaning tower of Azarita is too much 

A local resident told Ruptly TV that the reason for the collapse was that "these homes were built on fraud".

The building was reportedly finished in 2002 and condemned two years later - but residents opted to remain in the tower until crunch time.

Egyptians have regularly been victims of poorly contructed buildings, often blamed on state corruption and bribery.  

Social media users also shared this sentiment.

The resident blamed corrupt local politicians who take bribes to allow construction of buildings with poor safety standards. 

Other users shared the image of the spectators, seeming to appreciate Alexandrians' happiness and optimism.

According to Twitter users, the tower has already featured in an engineering exam at the local university.

Translation: They topple buildings, and we suffer in exams. 

Catastrophic events such as these have become very common in Egypt, with inspectors blaming corruption, illegal building and lack of maintenance. 

Egypt has been suffering increasing levels of inflation, and has been met with a crisis in food and other basic supply prices, that has left many with no way to make ends meet.

For now, though, there is something to laugh about.