Eleven schoolgirls killed in Iran bus crash


The deadly crash happened outside the city of Shiraz ahead of a sporting event

Iran queue to board a bus in Tehran in a file photo (AFP)
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Friday 1 September 2017 8:17 UTC

A bus crash on Friday killed 12 people in Iran, all but one of them schoolgirls travelling to the southern city of Shiraz for a sporting and cultural event, state media reported.

The bus overturned at around 4am, the IRNA news agency cited Said Ejraie, the emergency services chief in Darab where the accident occurred, as saying.

Besides the schoolgirls, the other person who died was the driver.

Thirty other people were injured, and 13 of them were in serious condition, according to state television.

Despite its roads being in good condition, Iran has a poor record on traffic safety, with accidents caused by reckless drivers killing thousands of people each year.

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