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Faces of Iran

Claudio Silighini takes us on a visual journey that brings to life the vibrancy of Iran’s people
Claudio Silighini is an Italian photographer passionate about capturing emotions and sensations via powerful images in his travels through the Middle East

Iran is a fascinating place rich of history and contrasts that is modern and antique, yet innovative and traditional. Its citizens live within intertwined layers of contemporary living, religion, and politics amongst a backdrop of colourful territories united by history, but different in terms of morphology, latitudes, ethnicities and tribes. The elegant women of Iran are strong and proud. 

Among the picturesque landscapes there are many colours, feelings, desires and hopes. It is a continuous coming and going of well-informed and noble people that are looking for harmony and balance in a region that is never banal. Iran is beautiful because its streets are always beaming with life.