Muslim Women's Day initiative gains widespread support


The initiative attracts support from many, including the state of Florida

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Tuesday 28 March 2017 8:32 UTC

The website held its "Muslim Women's Day" campaign on Monday to offer "a day where everyone can stand in solidarity with Muslim women".

The site calls upon allies to "pass the mic to Muslim women by elevating their narratives for the day". 

The campaig comes at a time when discussions around Islamophobia, especially in light of Trump's "Muslim bans", and female empowerment through movements like Women's March, have taken centre stage.

MuslimGirl says "it's time to hear from a community that's often talked about but rarely given the chance to speak".

MuslimGirl's chief of staff, Azmia Magane, told MEE: "I'd like to thank Senator Linda Stewart (FL) and Orlando's Mayor Buddy Dyer, for making it an official day in Orlando and the state of Florida. As a native Floridian, that means a lot to me."

The campaign has received widespread support, not only from Muslim women, but from US officials, including Ney York's comptroller, Scott Stringer.

And Governor of Indiana Eric Holcomb:

File #MuslimWomensDay

Women's March, a pressure group for equality, also took part, sharing this list of three ways people can support the campaign.

And many others shared their appreciation for Muslim women they find inspiring

And these titles were all written by Muslim women.

While the hashtag was popular on Monday on Twitter, there were also some users who used it to undermine the campaign.

These comments, among others, were posted:

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Magane said that "while these comments demonstrate the need for a campaign that shows Muslims are not monolith, the likelihood of it changing the opinions of trolls is slim".

She added the campaign was simply about amplifying the voices of Muslim women. "This day is not about them, it's about us. We aren't pandering to bigotry."

Other users responded to the negativity.

Muslim activist Linda Sarsour also commented on the hate some were sharing.