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Fuel tanker and bus collide in Iran killing at least 27

Several more injured in crash that caused flames to engulf the road in western Kurdistan province
A fuel tanker carrying tar crashed into a bus as it stopped to pick up passengers (Screengrab)

At least 27 people were killed and several injured after a fuel tanker crashed into a bus in western Iran overnight on Tuesday, according to Iranian media.

Images posted on social media show the burnt out passenger bus, with flames lining the highway after the crash. 

Iran's Mehr agency reported that the tanker crashed into the bus on a highway near Sanandaj, a city in Iran's Kurdistan province. 

Both vehicles burst into flames following the collision, according to highway police. 

One of two bus drivers that survived the crash told Mehr the tanker slammed into his vehicle after it stopped behind a pickup truck in order to pick up passengers. Police say the tanker's brakes failed.

In response to the crash, Kurdistan province declared three days of public mourning. 

According to the United Nations, the number of road accidents in Iran is 20 times the world's average, due to poor roads and lax traffic law enforcement.

In May 2017, Iranian newspaper the Financial Tribune reported that on average more than 20,000 people are killed and 800,000 injured every year in accidents on Iran's roads.