Head of Libya's Tripoli parliament sacked


Al-Hassi was reportedly sacked as the result of a General National Congress parliament vote on Tuesday

Omar al-Hassi, the head of Libya's self-declared government in Tripoli on 2 November (AFP)
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Tuesday 31 March 2015 19:11 UTC

The leader of the government in Tripoli, Omar al-Hassi, was sacked Tuesday by the parliament in the Libyan capital, which is under the control of an Islamist-backed militia.

Omar Humaidan, a spokesman for Tripoli's General National Council (GNC), said lawmakers voted to dismiss Al-Hassi for his "poor performance".

Fourteen government ministers also called for Hassi's sacking, Humaidan said.

Al-Hassi, a lecturer in political science at the University of Benghazi, had been tasked by the Tripoli-based parliament to form a government last August when he was elected prime minister of the GNC. 

The GNC's first deputy prime minister, Khalifa al-Ghowel, will run a caretaker cabinet until a new government is formed within one month, Anadolu Agency reported.

Libya has had two governments and parliaments since Tripoli was seized in August 2014 by the Fajr Libya militia coalition and the Western recognised government fled to the eastern city of Tobruk.