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How social media remembers Rabaa three years on

Social media users note the passage of time since more than 1,000 protesters were slain
Egypt's Rabaa Square during protest in 2013 (AFP/file photo)
Three years had passed as 14 August 2016 marked what came to be called the “worst single-day killing of protesters in modern history," when security forces in Egypt stormed a six-week sit-in calling for the reinstatement of ousted president Mohamed Morsi.
In less than 12 hours, more than a thousand protesters were killed in what Amnesty called Egypt's darkest day.
Social media users took to Twitter with #RabaaMassacre in Arabic, which was trending for hours, while English users used #RememberRabaarecalling the victims of that fateful day and calling for accountability and justice.
Others focused on the international silence and renewed calls for justice for the victims and their families.
The day once again put the spotlight on Egypt's deeply polarised society and the social chasm that allowed such an incident to take place.
Social media users also called out reactions from friends who had brushed aside the killings.
As Egypt struggles to move on from its past, other social media users called attention to continuing violations.