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Hundreds attend funeral of 4 Palestinians killed in clashes against Trump policy

Friday’s events brought the death toll of Palestinians over the past week to 10 people as tensions continue to rise

Hundreds gathered to pay their respects to the four slain Palestinians on Saturday (AFP)

Hundreds gathered in Gaza and the West Bank on Saturday to attend the funerals of four Palestinians who were shot dead by Israeli forces during protests over US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem. 

The funerals were attended by senior Palestinian politicians as crowds gathered to pay their respects to the four Palestinians. 

Among the slain Palestinians was Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, 29, a disabled activist who was shot in the head during clashes in the Gaza buffer zone on Friday.

Images showed Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh holding the body of Abu Thuraya on a stretcher as he was carried to the burial ground where his body was laid to rest. 

In a speech to mourners, Haniyeh said that if the people were led by someone like him, then the Palestinians will achieve victory. 

Crowds followed his casket as they chanted slogans and waved Palestinian flags in Thuraya's memory. 

The funeral took place after midday prayers where members of the various Palestinian militias that operate in Gaza were also present. 

Similar scenes took place in the West Bank where large crowds had gathered for the funeral of Basel Ibrahim, 24, who died after being shot at by Israeli forces. 

His funeral took place in the northern West Bank city of Anata where hundreds had gathered to pay their respects to him. 

Ibrahim's casket was carried while people waved Palestinian and flags that belonged to the Fatah and Hamas faction in a show of solidarity with the slain protestor. 

In Hebron, there was a funeral service for Mohammed Aqal, 29, who died from multiple gunshot wounds after he walked towards Israeli soldiers with a knife and "suicide vest," according to the Israeli army.

His body was wrapped in a Palestinian and Fatah flag and followed by hundreds through the streets of Hebron. 

More than 160 people were injured in the Gaza Strip, while 150 others were injured in Gaza and the West Bank, according to a statement by the Palestinian Health Ministry on Friday. 

Friday’s events brought the death toll over the past week to 10 - six Palestinians had previously been killed by Israeli forces over the past week, four in air strikes and two in clashes.

Palestinians have vowed to continue protesting Trump’s unprecedented decision, which Palestinian and Arab leaders warned would cause instability and unrest in the region.