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Iran shoots at a drone in central Tehran: Military commander

State news reports the device was a small camera drone used by a media organisation
Still from smart phone video showing anti-aircraft gun firing at drone (Twitter)

Iran's anti-aircraft forces fired shots at a drone on Monday that had entered the no-fly zone in the capital Tehran, a military commander was quoted as saying by Tasnim news agency.

Central Tehran is a no-fly zone as government institutions and the office of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei are located there.

"Shots have been fired at a drone as it entered the no-fly zone in Tehran. Nothing to be worried about," the governor of Tehran province, Isa Farhadi was quoted as saying by Tansim news agency.

"We do not know yet who it belonged to," he added.

There were conflicting reports from the governor's office and Revolutionary Guards as to whether the drone had been destroyed or had merely flown off. 

The IRNA news agency reported it was a small camera drone operated by a media company, but it was not yet clear which organisation was responsible.

It is the second such incident in the past month after a drone operated by state television was shot down in the same area while filming Friday prayers on 23 December.

A commander in Iran's air defence forces, Alireza Elhami, told Tasnim news that the drone was a quadcopter that left the area after the warning shots.

Quadcopter are non-military drones, usually used for filming.