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Israeli soldier in execution video 'feared for his safety'

Reports say soldier faces murder investigation after admitting he killed Palestinian already seriously wounded and immobile
The soldier is seen cocking his gun before firing at the injured Palestinian (B'Tselem)

An Israeli soldier is being investigated for murder after being caught on video apparently executing an already wounded and immobile Palestinian man following a stabbing attack in Hebron, reports said on Friday.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that the soldier, a medic in the Shimson Division, was remanded in military detention while the investigation continues.

Haaretz reported the soldier's lawyer as saying his client had admitted killing the Palestinian man, but had insisted that he did so because he felt that his life was in danger.

The soldier also claimed that his actions were in accordance with the Israeli army's rules of engagement, despite widespread condemnation of his actions by Israeli officials.

The soldier has not been named by Israeli authorities, while the injured Palestinian man he shot was named locally as Abed al-Fatah a-Sharif.

The video, published by the B'Tselem rights group and shared by Middle East Eye, shows the soldier shooting the already wounded Palestinian man. 

He was wounded after he and another Palestinian were shot after allegedly stabbing an Israeli soldier in the shoulder.

In a new video of the incident, published on Friday by Haaretz, security forces can be seen evacuating the wounded soldier while the wounded attacker lies on the ground. 

A voice can be heard saying that the attacker was alive and should not be approached. 

One man can be heard saying: "He might be booby-trapped. Be careful not to touch him until the sappers arrive."