In pictures: Demonstration against PA-Israel security coordination


Further anger has erupted on the Palestinian street at Palestinian Authority-Israeli 'security coordination'

Palestinian youth this week marched against security coordination in Ramallah (MEE/Tarek Tawfik)
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Thursday 12 February 2015 15:15 UTC

On Monday, Palestinian youth staged a demonstration against PA-Israeli security coordination. The demonstration weaved through Ramallah city centre before heading towards the Israeli settlement of Beit El. Before reaching Beit El, the demonstration was stopped by PA forces who, in another act of security coordination, prevented the activists from holding a non-violent protest outside an illegal Israeli settlement.

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas last week again reiterated his belief in the PA-Israel cooperation. The Palestinian street and many political figures reacted with anger to Abbas' comments amid intensifying Israeli military operations in the West Bank. More than 500 Palestinians have been arrested and close to 1,000 houses subjected to Israeli military searches since 'Operation Brother's Keeper' began after three Israeli settlers went missing on 13 June.