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Pig heads spiked on fence of Moroccan ambassador's Paris home

France has seen a rise in attacks targeting Muslims since deadly Islamic State assaults last year
The head of the French Council for the Muslim Faith stands outside his house following a graffiti attack (AFP)

Two pig heads were found on Thursday attached to the fence of the Moroccan ambassador's residence in a chic suburb of the French capital, police said.

"The pigs' heads were discovered by security staff on Thursday at 09:00. The ambassador was present," a police source told AFP.

The embassy, situated in Neuilly-sur-Seine to the west of Paris, has filed a formal complaint to police.

"We don't want to interpret this act; it's up to the authorities to investigate," an embassy official said.

Anouar Kbibech, head of the French Council for the Muslim Faith and the Morocco-linked Group of Muslims in France, said there was an "unhealthy atmosphere" in France "in which Muslims are the target of acts of stigmatisation".

"The attack on the ambassador's residence shows that this provocation has moved up a level," Kbibech said.

He has previously been the victim of seemingly religiously motivated attacks with vandals spraying offensive graffiti at his home in 2013.

Pig heads have been left outside mosques in several French cities in recent years.

A rise in acts targeting Muslims has been recorded in the wake of the gun and suicide attacks on Paris in November last year that left 130 dead.

Police in the UK last week arrested two men suspected of leaving a pig’s head outside an Islamic school in Portsmouth in January of this year.