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'Is the Premier League safe?' Arabic Twitter reacts to Brexit

Some hailed the UK's decision to leave the EU as the start of a 'European spring', while others worried about their own interests
A user scrolls the social media site Twitter (AFP)

Arabic Twitter was on Friday alight with reactions to the decision by the UK to leave the European Union. 

Some celebrated the vote, which had an uncommonly high turnout compared to UK general elections, as a win for peaceful democracy and for the people of the UK:

Translation: Some people can change the future of their whole country just by voting, while others can't change anything in their country, even if they give their lives to do it! 

Others speculated as to why UK voters decided, with a majority of 52 percent, to leave the union: could it be the accession of Eastern European countries to the union, or fears that more Syrian refugees would be able to head to the country thanks to EU immigration legislation?

Translation: Whoever decided to allow Eastern European countries to join the EU is responsible for Britain leaving it

Translation: A year ago the Swiss people voted not to join the EU, and today we see Brexit. Spillover of the Syrian revolution on the European continent

The referendum result led some to call for change, and for similar votes in their own countries:

Translation: Now that Britain has left the EU, will the country curb its evil ways and stop harming us, and stop supporting dictatorships in the region?

Translation: After the British referendum, Iraq must get out of the Arab League, which is tainted with Wahhabi Saudi money and whose decisions are subject to the wishes of the Gulf and Israel

Some, though, expressed apathy towards the whole undertaking:

While another asked the question that was at the back of everyone's mind: