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Rumours fly over Qatar's funding of Gaza salaries

Arabic media report that an official from the unity government has rejected $20m in Qatari funding, while government denies claims
Rami Hamdallah's spokesperson denies having made any deals for Qatari funding (AFP)

Reports are flying in Arabic media over Palestine’s apparent rejection of an offer from Qatar for a $20m donation to fund the salaries of former government employees in Gaza.

Al Jazeera and Arabi21 on Thursday both quoted an unnamed Palestinian official, who reported that the minister from Rami Hamdallah’s recently-announced unity government was rejecting the offer of funding, without stating any reasons.

However, official government sources have moved to deny these claims, with government spokesperson Ahab Beseisu issuing a statement to reject the reports. He announced that the government had never reached any such agreement with Qatar.