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Saudi's Twitter whistleblower is back with new leaks amid mixed reactions

The Saudi whistle-blower is back on Twitter amid mixed reactions as they expose more financial corruption from Saudi's ruling clan
A Saudi man browses through twitter on his desktop in Riyadh, on 30 January, 2013 (AFP)

A notorious Saudi whistle-blower, known on Twitter as @Mujtahidd, sparked further online controversy over the weekend after his Twitter account was reinstated following a week-long suspension. 

Twitter has not informed Mujtahidd why they lifted the suspension on Friday, but his 1.8 million followers (both fans and foes alike) quickly took to the social media platform to voice their views about his brief suspension. While some expressed their relief that his account was back, others decried him as a heretic and a disruptive person trying to destroy the fabric of Saudi Arabia’s society.

But true to form, Mujtahidd returned to Twitter with a fresh round of allegations, this time targeting the financial corruption of Mohammad bin Nayef, who holds the posts of deputy crown prince, second deputy prime minister and interior minister. In one of the tweets, Mujtahidd mentioned a deal between an investor who approached bin Nayef with the offer of 25 percent ownership shares in an oil refinery in Saint Lucia. According to documents leaked by Mujtahidd, Bin Nayef simply took over the project and muscled out the original investor.

Mujtahidd told the Middle East Eye that the reason for his suspension was due to his posting back in April 2014 of a photocopy of a “private document” belonging to a Saudi princess. The document was an invoice to Princess Maha al-Sudairi, who owed a French hotel over two million euros for a 2012 visit to Paris.

“Regardless of whether I broke the rules or not, why would this alleged contravention only be noticed 10 months after the tweet?” he told MEE.

“I explained to Twitter administrators my high profile as a credible whistle-blower from within the circles of power in Saudi Arabia,” he added.

Translation: Where did you come from you hypocrite- they said to close down your account! It’s none of our business what bin Nayef does. The citizen has God to avenge the oppressed

Translation: I am so happy that Mujtahidd’s account is back. Thank you Mujtahidd for exposing the thieves of the al-Saud clan and their slaves.

Translation: I’m surprised at those who call you a liar and curse you but still follow you!

Translation: God damn bin Nayef and his family and all of the al-Saud

Translation: You heretic

Translation: To be honest your words are convincing and unfortunately no matter how hard the princes try to purify themselves they are permanently corrupt

Translation: You are definitely a man with a grudge because you have not reached a position of authority. I advise you to see a shrink because of the grudge you hold, and [take] Xanax.