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Trump to give inspiring speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia. Twitter can't help but laugh

Social media responds to news Trump will give a speech on Islam
Donald Trump addresses the annual policy conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in Washington, DC, on March 21, 2016 (AFP)

US President Donald Trump will this weekend make his first trip abroad since assuming office, with Saudi Arabia his first destination.

The trip, set to last a week, will discuss, among other things, the sale of $100bn worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia, and will be followed by a visit to meet the Pope in the Vatican, and stops in Israel, Palestine and Belgium.

National security advisor HR McMaster said in a press briefing that Trump “will deliver an inspiring yet direct speech on the need to confront radical ideology” and that he would share his hopes for a “peaceful vision of Islam”. He also presented a detailed itinerary of the "historic" trip.

“The speech is intended to unite the broader Muslim world against common enemies of all civilization and to demonstrate America’s commitment to our Muslim partners,” McMaster added.

The inclusion of such a speech has echoes of then President Barack Obama's landmark speech at Cairo University on his visit to Egypt in 2009, where he also spoke of extremism and of tensions within communities.

But the news that Trump planned to give a speech on Islam, while visiting Saudi Arabia, was met with disbelief and heavy sarcasm on social media.

People were quick to remember comments Trump had made in the past

Other users shared their expectation of disaster 

Some predicted what Trump would say...

...while satirist Karl Sharro wrote a thread of 'useful' tips to Trump for his trip...

Others believe it's a simple case of going one better against his Oval Office predecessor...