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Turkish writer deported from Saudi Arabia

Ismali Yasa, whose writings are published in Arabic media, tweeted that he is 'person non-grata in Saudi Arabia', but reason remains unknown
Turkish writer Ismail Yasa who was deported from Saudi Arabia on Friday (Arabi21)

The Saudi Arabian authorities have reportedly asked on Friday a renowned Turkish writer to leave the kingdom, without clarifying the reason behind the move.

Ismali Yasa, whose writings are published in a number of Arabic media outlets, tweeted that he had been expelled after being informed that he is a "person non-grata in Saudi Arabia".

While many of his followers on Twitter, most of which are from the Arab world, expressed their anger at the government decision to deport him, others welcomed the decision, accusing him of working as an agent for Turish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 

Translation: He lives on its soil but plots against it, deportation is the least that can be done to him.

According to Arabi21 news website, Yasa is a supporter of the Justice and Development Party (AKP). He moved to Saudi Arabia many years ago to enroll his daughters - who wore head scarves - at Saudi universities as wearing scarves was banned at Turkish institutions.