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VIDEO: Activists lay 'graveyard' of life jackets outside British Parliament

The 2,500 life jackets each represent three refugees and migrants who died trying to make it to Europe

Around 2,500 life jackets, worn by refugees who have landed on the Greek island of Chios, were laid out in front of the British Parliament to protest growing anti-migrant sentiment, as well as to draw attention to the migrant and refugee crisis ahead of the UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants taking place in New York today. 

Johan Eldebo, senior humanitarian policy advisor at World Vision said that every one of the jackets represents three refugees who died trying to make their way to Europe.

"So what we're trying to do today is to raise awareness of the scale on the issue that we've at hand and also to hope that in New York today, as the world leaders gather to adress the issue, that they will take firm action to make sure that we don't have to see more of these type of life jackets," he added.