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VIDEO: Footage shows ruins of Syrian city of Homs

Homs fell fully under government control in December 2015
Ruins of the Syrian city of Homs, which was recaptured from rebel forces in 2014, after three years of intense fighting (Ruptly)

Drone footage has revealed the extent of the devastation to the Syrian city of Homs.

Thousands of bombed-out buildings and houses can be seen stretching off into the distance in the city, which had once been Syria's third largest city and an industrial stronghold.

Though an opposition stronghold following the outbreak of unrest in 2011, the city was recaptured by government forces in 2014 after years of intensive fighting.

Opposition forces still held out under siege in Homs' old city until December, when they withdrew under the terms of a UN ceasefire.

Footage shot by an unmanned aerial drone on Wednesday and released by Ruptly reveals the remains of the city: