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VIDEO: Graffiti in support of Qatar's emir appears in Saudi Arabia

Sympathising with Qatar is now a crime in Saudi and can land offenders 15 years in prison
Graffiti in solidarity with Qatar appears in Saudi Arabia (Screengrab)

Graffiti in support of Qatar's emir, scrawled on a sculpture in the centre of a roundabout in Saudi Arabia, circulated on social media on Thursday.

The graffiti read "We are all Tamim" and "Glory to Tamim" referring to Qatar's emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani. 

Tensions between Qatar and Saudi Arabia have escalated ever since a blockade was imposed on the country by Saudi and its allies on 5 June. 

One Qatari user on Twitter warned against committing such acts of sympathy:

Translation: We appreciate your love but don't sacrifice, your government has no mercy and as you know sympathising is a crime

A new law introduced in Saudi Arabia after the blockade was introduced stated that sympathising with Qatar would land offenders up to 15 years imprisonment and a $136,000 fine.

The graffiti later appeared to have been sprayed over to cover what was written.

Translation: I swear if you try to hide your people's sympathy you will not be able to bring back the age of slavery

Saudi and its allies have given Qatar a list of 13 demands including the shutdown of Al Jazeera. Saudi Arabia stated that Qatar must meet the demands by 3 July in order for the blockade to be lifted.