VIDEO: Dutch MP refuses to shake hands with Netanyahu


Snub caught on camera after ex-Dutch PM calls Netanyahu a 'war criminal' who should be sent to the ICC 'right away'

(Screengrab / Youtube)
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Thursday 8 September 2016 12:23 UTC

Footage emerged early on Wednesday showing Dutch parliamentarian Tunahan Kuzu, wearing a Palestinian flag pin on his blazer, keeping his hands behind his back as Israel PM Netanyahu approaches to shake his hand. 

Ahead of the Israeli premier's visit to the Netherlands this week, ex-Dutch prime minister Dries Van Agt said in a televised interview on NPO1 National TV that Netanyahu is a "war criminal" who should be sent to the ICC "right away".

Netanyahu's visit, which saw top officials agree a deal to build a gas pipeline into the Gaza Strip, sparked protests in the northern European country.

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