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VIDEO: IS myths in Mosul

The Islamic State group have released footage reportedly showing 'normal' life in Mosul, but a very different reality is unfolding
(Screengrab/'Ninawa' media centre)

The Islamic State (IS) group has released footage from Mosul reportedly showing ‘normal’ life in the city, but behind this latest propaganda stunt a very different reality is unfolding on the ground. 

French forces have shelled the city, confirming their participation in the operation to liberate Mosul from IS militants, while bodycam footage from Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga forces shows scenes of intense fighting. 

The IS group have also released disturbing footage of a mass, public execution of alleged spies in Mosul in a move aimed at deterring local residents from joining the anti-IS resistance. 

This article is available in French on Middle East Eye French edition.